This section describes additional software which is required to build an Windows Image.

Windows ADK

Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) for Windows® 8 is required to build your own answer files for auto unattended Windows installation.

You can dowload it from


PuTTY is a useful tool to manage your Linux boxes via SSH.

You can download it from

Windows Server 2012 ISO image

We use the following Windows installation images:

VirtIO Red Hat drivers ISO image


Please, choose stable version instead of latest, We’ve got errors with unstable drivers during guest unattended install.

Download drivers from

Floppy Image With Unattended File

Run following commands as root:

  1. Create emtpy floppy image in your home folder

    ># dd bs=512 count=2880 \
       if=/dev/zero of=~/floppy.img \
       mkfs.msdos ~/floppy.img
  2. Mount the image to /media/floppy

    ># mkdir /media/floppy mount -o loop \
       ~/floppy.img /media/floppy
  3. Download autounattend.xml file from

    ># cd ~
    ># wget\
  4. Copy our autounattend.xml to /media/floppy

    ># cp ~/autounattend.xml /media/floppy
  5. Unmount the image

    ># umount /media/floppy