• Superuser privileges is required to install and configure system packages. Let's switch to root account:

    sudo su -
  • Make sure that additional repositories are installed. See the appendix for information about preparing a virtual machine for murano installation.

  • If there is no openstack dashboard package in your environment install it now with all dependencies. Deleting an Ubuntu theme is an optional step but recommended.


    Horizon installed by devstack is not capable for a murano installation.


    yum install make gcc memcached python-memcached          \
            mod_wsgi openstack-dashboard python-netaddr.noarch


    apt-get install memcached libapache2-mod-wsgi openstack-dashboard
    dpkg --purge openstack-dashboard-ubuntu-theme
  • Clone Murano Dashboard repository from the github:

    git clone https://github.com/stackforge/murano-dashboard
  • Stable version one of our releases can be checked out by tag:

    git checkout 0.2
  • Switch to just created directory and run installation script


    sh murano-dashboard/setup.sh install


    sh murano-dashboard/setup-centos.sh install