Actual bug state can be found in Murano launchpad page.

  • Due to current Heat limitation services that involve load-balancer creation (farms) can be deployed only by tenant administrators.

  • When Heat creates different clients for Nova, Cinder and others it doesn't pass SSL-related options to clients' constructor. If Nova is configured to have SSL endpoints and self-signed certificates Heat will fail to create instances because there is no way to disable server certificate validation as there is no "insecure" flag passed etc.

  • Murano-Conductor doesn't work with python-heatclient>0.2.1.

  • Farm services can't be deployed without KeyPair. If KeyPair is not set load balancer won't be created and these messages will show up in logs:

    2013-08-06 09:10:07 - Unable to deploy instance ipkrmhk0vzq4b6 (asp-farm_instance_0) due to Unexpected state
    2013-08-06 09:10:07 - Unable to create a Server Farm load balancer on unit ipkrmhk0vzq4b6 (asp-farm_instance_0) due to Unexpected state

    And deploy will hang up.

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